15th Annual Clear the Deck Sale

Every August for the past 15 years, Captain’s Marine has hosted what we call our Clear the Deck Sale. That’s right, FIFTEEN YEARS! That’s a long time!
So what exactly is a Clear the Deck Sale? It’s not just a nautically awesome play on words, it’s a week-long sale where we discount many things from life jackets and apparel to surfboards and boats.
We quite literally want to clear the deck; prepare for next year’s inventory, clean up and clear out our showroom, and most importantly give our valued customers an opportunity to get a toy or a boat for an unbeatable price!
In short, it’s our biggest sale of the year, guaranteed.

The week of our Clear the Deck sale is also just a great opportunity to come in and see what Captain’s Marine is all about. This busy, high energy week gives us an opportunity to show customers exactly how a fully inclusive dealership runs. Because if you didn’t already know, Captain’s Marine does much much more than just sell boats. We are an MRAA 5 Star Certified Dealership (the only one in Montana, and proud!); who offers full service, detail, winter storage, parts, accessories, toys, and great advice. We also accept trades, and offer on site financing, which is pretty helpful.

So I’ve told you a few things about Captain’s Marine, but how about this sale? Why should you come in and check things out?
Here are some of the things that will be discounted from August 11th through August 18th :
1) NEW Boats
2) USED Boats
3) Tow-able Tubes
4) Surf Boards
5) Wake Boards
6) Water Skis
7) Life Jackets
8) Apparel

Intrigued? You should be! You’ll definitely want to make it out to this sale. If for no other reason, just to hang out in an air conditioned building and look at pretty boats.
Come see us from August 11th – 18th.