Don’t Forget Your Drain Plugs… Seriously!

Some of the biggest boating disaster stories you’ll hear involve drain plugs, or the lack there of, I should say.
That’s just one of the reasons when you pull into the Captain’s Marine parking lot, you’ll see this sign.

But why aren’t drain plugs installed? Captain’s Marine is involved in preventing the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species! In order to assist you if you get stopped at an AIS check station, your drain plugs will be removed and your boat will be clean, dry and ready for inspection!
And per Montana Fish, Wildlife & Park’s website “If you are carrying or towing any watercraft or water-based equipment (non-motorized and motorized), you MUST stop at all watercraft inspection stations you encounter in Montana”.
If you need more info on how to properly CLEAN.DRAIN.DRY your boat, click here.
It’s the law!
So we’ve gone over why we don’t let you leave with drain plugs in your boat… Now we can talk about what to do with them, where they go, and why they’re such a big deal.
This often-forgotten but life-savingly-essential plug is, as some people say, the root of all evil.
Forget your drain plug(s) at home? No boating for you today.
Forget to put them in before launching? Have fun at the bottom of the lake.
Forget to take them out after boating? Hello most expensive bathtub of all time from a rain storm.
Forget to clean, drain and dry after a day of boating? Have fun at your extended check out at AIS stations.
Decide to skip the AIS station and drive on past? You could get cited!

Here’s a really great and informative video from Buckeye Marine that tells you exactly what you need to know when it comes to inserting and removing drain plugs.


See! That was easy.
Remembering is truly the hardest part, but if you want to keep your investment safe, boat plugs should always be on your mind!
So don’t forget to put them in before you launch, and take them out before you leave! And be sure to keep those boats clean, drained & dry!

Stay safe out there!