The Importance of Buying Your Boat from a Local Dealership



When a family is considering a boat purchase, the importance of buying locally isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.
For many, the search begins with, well, an internet search.
As a Marine Dealership we understand that there are often specific criteria that people are looking for, including;
1) Boat Type – Do we want a boat that we can ski, wakeboard AND wakesurf on? A crossover fishing boat? A boat just for cruising around? Or do we want a pontoon for big family lake get-togethers?
2) Budget – How much are we wanting to spend? Are we going to pay up front or are we going to finance?

While these are all extremely important things to consider, you’d be surprised to know that purchasing your boat from a local dealership is equally as important. Why, you ask? Here are seven solid reasons to consider purchasing your boat at a local dealership!








































These are just a few reasons to purchase your boat locally, but the list is endless.
While most the things on this list are simply logical reasons, there are a few emotional reasons that make buying local worth it.
You’re putting your well earned money back into your local economy, to support the hard working staff and owners of a local business – that’s pretty awesome.
And the valuable relationships built with our customers are also extremely rewarding, which makes for a warm and inviting environment any time you bring your boat in!

Hopefully these topics shed some light on why not only Marine Dealers, but many local businesses, want to encourage people to purchase locally.
And hopefully if you’re thinking about purchasing a boat, you’ll consider Captain’s Marine!